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What exactly is No Operator Left Behind and why should you be part of it?

No Operator Left Behind (NOLB) is a new program built by Limo University’s Bill Faeth in conjunction with the National Limousine Association (NLA).  

It is part of a multi-pronged initiative that aims to arm smaller operators with the education and support they need to thrive while connecting them with larger NLA member operators who have the experience to offer guidance.  

NOLB is a benefit of being an NLA member (if you have 19 vehicles or fewer). So, in addition to all the perks of being a member, you’ll get access to brand new content that cannot be found anywhere else… The best part? Every aspect is designed with YOU in mind… So that you can grow your business faster than ever.

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Since 2015 when I started Limo University I have had one mission and that is to help small and midsize operators grow profitable businesses. The alliance with the NLA/CD is a natural progression to have a greater impact industrywide.

Bill Faeth

-Bill Faeth

Founder, Limo University

Here’s what you get:


The NOLB podcast consists of exclusive interviews with industry titans who have been in your shoes. They know what it takes to scale quickly and they are eager to share insider information & advice to listeners just like you. New episodes are published bi-weekly!

Training Webinars

Learn insider information so that you’re prepared for the roadblocks that lie ahead. Experts in this industry and beyond are lining up to deliver (LIVE) trainings just for YOU! Tune-in and get all of your questions answered. These take place in the No Operator Left Behind Facebook group so they’re super easy to access! 

Private Facebook Community 

Join the rest of the gang in the private Facebook group, reserved for NLA members with 19 vehicles or fewer. This is where you can ask questions, share ideas, and lean on like-minded operators through thick and thin. It’s also a great place for the NLA’s and Limo University’s latest announcements & special offers!

PLUS More!

New content is being created every week! Our members are our #1 priority and we strive to improve the program at all times.

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The exclusive podcasts and training webinars can be accessed with just a few clicks - You’ll have your own private account where you can watch/listen to your favorite episodes whenever & wherever you want!

*If you are a current Limo University member or product owner, this program will be added to your current library.

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