LCT Mastermind 2019
Limo University

Secure your seat to one of (2) two Mastermind Sessions during ILCT 2019!  


ILCT Show 2019

Get the Ultimate Limo U Experience at the 2019 International LCT Show.

Mastermind with Bill Faeth, the Limo University team, and 19 peers. Over $800 value, yours for $175/session! 


March 25-26

Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas Shell Seekers A Conference Room

Limited to 20 seats per session

$175 per seat

The 2019 International LCT Show Starts In:

ICLT Show 2019

The Results Speak For Themselves

I remember the first time I met Bill. My company, Four Seasons Concierge, was experiencing rapid growth. What was originally a "hobby" was quickly becoming a "legitimate business". Chatting with Bill, in the food court in the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino, we knew within minutes that Bill was the "real deal" and his guidance, experience, and tools/resources were exactly what we needed... and were lacking. Within days of returning to Utah, we began to implement all of the items that were discussed at the Mastermind Class. 

We saw an immediate improvement in the morale of our Team Members, our Clients loved some of the changes we made, and most importantly our "stress level" was reduced as our revenue continued to climb exponentially. We would not be where we are today without Bill and Limo University. I'd highly encourage anyone who is serious about growing their business to attend not only the Mastermind Class at the LCT Show... but to attend any and all events that Limo University puts on. 

The return on your investment is worth it's weight in gold.

Sam Rubin Four Seasons Concierge Park City, Utah 

What Will You Take Away?


What You Can Expect During the Mastermind Sessions

A value based Mastermind Group experience similar to Bill’s (Invite Only) Inner Circle Group with 19 of your peers. Bill is going to teach you to think about your business in ways you have never thought of. Plus, you will have access to the Limo U team so you receive individualized attention and recommendations specific to your unique challenges.

How it Works


There are ONLY 20 spots available for each session, so sign up today to confirm your seat.


Come to the ILCT show and sessions prepared with questions. You’ll have 2 hours of uninterrupted time with Bill, the team, and 19 of your peers!


Arrive 10 minutes early to the Shell Seekers A Conference Room, be ready to ask questions, take notes, and get one of the famous Boot Camp flash drives you have heard about.

Select the Mastermind Session you’d like to attend:

You must be a registered Attendee of the 2019 ILCT Show and have your badge to gain access to the Mastermind Sessions.

SESSION 2 Tuesday, March 26 from 9 a.m. - 11 a.m.