Limo University 1-Day Boot Camp 2018

1-Day Boot Camp | November 4, 2018 | LCT East Harrah's Casino - Atlantic City, NJ

Will you get a front row seat to this 1-Day Boot Camp?

Beat your competitors to the punch... Get our playbook for SEO, Google Adwords, How To Quickly Find BIG Corporate Prospects, and How To Sell Bigger Deals Faster.


*NOTE: All of our Boot Camps have sold out in less than 72 hours so please sign up early!

This Boot Camp will teach you how to maximize your online marketing and offline sales to Sell Bigger Deals Faster.

Google Adwords | SEO | Sales Strategy

What’s so different about this Boot Camp?

You’ll get a seat to a deep dive into Google Adwords and SEO so you can drive more phone calls, online reservations, and leads (and save money doing it).

We’ll cover everything you need to know about SEO so you can implement on your own. You will even be able to indicate whether or not an agency or freelancer is delivering or taking advantage of you.

Bill will teach you the actual sales strategies he used to grow an $8,800,000 limo business and provide you with the tools we use to identify and attract higher quality leads so you can EFFECTIVELY and EFFICIENTLY start selling to prospects typically out of your reach.

When you walk out of this Boot Camp, you will be empowered with SEO, Google Adwords, and the Sales Skills that will completely separate you from your competitors. Believe me, they don't know this stuff unless they are sitting next to you at Boot Camp.

Seating is extremely limited!

You must be a registered attendee of the LCT East Show to attend this 1-Day Boot Camp.

Our 6 previous Boot Camps have SOLD OUT in less than 72 hrs!

You need to be at this Boot Camp if… 

You're doing SEO on your own or you're not sure about the reports your agency is sending you each month.

You're not happy with or you're unsure if you are getting a return on your Google Adwords investment.

You want to learn a proven sales strategy to SELL BIGGER DEALS (corporate clients) FASTER. 

You want to know the most affordable way to increase website traffic, phone calls, and conversions.

We won’t just throw information your way, then walk away.

We set you up for post-Boot Camp success.

All attendees will receive the following during this 1-Day Boot Camp: 

  • Full access to all Power Point presentations to take home.
  • A workbook with space to take notes so you can refer back to anytime.
  • Direct access to Bill Faeth and ample time to ask questions.
  • The knowledge and skills you need to manage your agency or to implement on your own.

Grab your seat before a competitor takes it.


Get VIP Access to Bill the following day!


 November 5, 2018 

You will have exclusive access to Bill in an intimate setting the day after Boot Camp. You will also attend a private dinner with Bill and the four additional VIPs paid for by Limo University.

VIP Access includes registration for the 1-Day Boot Camp.

  • Bill will answer all of your questions.
  • Need Google AdWords assistance? No problem.
  • Not sure how to manage your SEO? Bill has you covered.
  •  Private dinner paid for by Biill

Who is Bill Faeth?


Bill founded Silver Oak Transportation in Nashville in 2008. He later sold this business to Grand Avenue and continued to scale to $8 million in revenue by 2012. After several years, Bill left the operational side of the limo industry to found Inbound Marketing Agents, an award-winning marketing agency specializing at serving the online marketing and sales needs of over 165 ground transportation companies globally.  

Inside of Limo U, Bill shares the tools, resources and knowledge gained during his time in the industry, as well as the current tools he and his team at IMA utilize every day to help limousine companies grow a more profitable business.

Seating is extremely limited for Boot Camp...

Boot Campers have come from all parts of the United States (even Hawaii). Here’s why... 

Ronnie Remedies Shreveport Limousine

Ken Carter Aadvanced Limousine

John Raftery Executive Limousines

Chrissi Tessaro Bakersfield Limousine

Nancy Vargas DH2 Transportation

Jordan Sanders Hollowsands Luxury Limousine

Schedule of Events

We have strategically scheduled the Boot Camp so you can take a break for lunch.

November 4th, 2018

MORNING SESSION 10:00am-12:30pm

  • SEO - How to make money with your website.
  • GOOGLE ADWORDS - Lower your CPC. Increase your ROI.

AFTERNOON SESSION 2:30pm-4:30pm 

  • PROSPECTING - How to quickly and easily locate BIG corporate prospects
  • SALE STRATEGY - How to Sell Bigger Deals Faster. 

Once we have received the location and name of the room we will be hosting this 1-Day Boot Camp in we will notify you via email prior to the show.


This Boot Camp is going to be heavily focused on obtaining targeted traffic via Google Adwords, SEO, and new Sales Strategies. You must be prepared to take diligent notes and for long sessions packed with more value than you have ever received at a conference before.

  • This is not for you if you are not going to take notes so you can implement when you get home.
  • You need to be prepared for long, intense, & value-packed sessions.
  • You must be open to thinking differently and learning new skills.
  • Be prepared to learn that the person you are paying to manage your SEO or Adwords is taking advantage of you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is Boot Camp different from {LAB}?

A: Boot Camp is designed to accelerate your {LAB} experience by providing more robust and specific details of implementation we can only teach in a LIVE environment

Boot Camp is not a {LAB} replacement. It will assist you in getting started and optimized faster so you can see a quicker ROI.

Q: Why should I attend Boot Camp?

A: You should only attend Boot Camp if you're serious about learning how to take advantage of "what's working now" in SEO, Google AdWords, and Sales Strategy ... 

...Or, if you're paying someone to manage these channels for you and want to know if you are getting a return on your investment. 

Q: I'm not attending the Show. Can I still sign up for this Boot Camp? 

A: No. This 1-Day Boot Camp is exclusively for registered attendees of the LCT East Show. Each person will have to check in at the door and we will verify that you are registered for the show prior to entry. 

Register Now! 

*Early Bird seating is extremely limited so secure your seat immediately.