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Learn The Marketing & Sales Tactics Used By Industry Leaders

LAB Live 2019 is an event built for today’s operator who wants to grow his or her business. It took place January 20-22 in Nashville, TN.

This event features 7 in-depth Fireside Chats and 3 Workshops and 1 Presentation with special guests inside AND outside the ground transportation industry.

In those 7 Fireside Chats, our experts sit down with Bill Faeth to share their experiences and advice to thrive in business. Each session expands to a Q&A with the audience.

The 3 expert-driven Workshops consist of presentations that teach specific skill sets and crucial knowledge every operator should have in their arsenal.

In Bill Faeth’s Sales Training, the 5 secrets to selling are revealed along with steps every operator should take in order to add 5 to 10 prospects to their hot list every single day. Listen to Bill walk you through his entire sales process.

These are the best discussions and presentations happening in the ground transportation industry today. Whether you’re new to the business or you’ve been around for 25+ years, LAB Live 2019 provides unique insights in marketing and uncovers sales secrets used by those who dominate the industry.

Meet Our Special Guests

We gathered the industry’s leading CEOs and salespeople along with professional marketers and a body language expert who give their unique perspectives on the industry.

Future of The Industry Discussion with Scott Solombrino

“Everyone should have a partner. You need partners everywhere. The world is too complex to go alone anymore.”

Scott uncovers the truths behind recent activities between the massive conglomerates that impact everyone involved in the industry. Listen to Scott share his knowledge and insider-information to benefit the small to medium size operators.

Scott Solombrino CEO, Dav El | Boston Coach

Fireside Chat with Tim Rose

“That’s the key to this business. Accumulate great people. Teach them what to do. And then let them do it.”

Tim walks you through how he took Flyte Tyme from a $3M company to a $30M company in just 5 years… and then doubled it in 8 years. Learn how he operates and manages his sales team to the highest standard.

Tim Rose Chairman Of The Board North America, Addison Lee Group

Future of The Industry Discussion with Sara Eastwood-Richardson

“There’s two forms of ground transportation that are intersecting: For-Hire Transportation and Courtesy Transportation. The Courtesy Transportation in my opinion is your golden ticket for growth.”

Sara has perhaps the most unique perspective on the ground transportation industry. Her ability to analyze and network with leaders shows in her conversation with Scott Solombrino and Bill Faeth. Learn what she has to reveal about the future of the industry.

Sara Richardson Publisher, LCT Magazine

Sales Training with Bill Faeth

“The biggest problem with underperforming salespeople is they waste too much time on unqualified prospects.”

Learn how to properly qualify your prospects before you schedule meetings. This frees up time and increases your closing percentage. Bill walks you through his proven sales process and reveals the 5 secrets to selling in this industry.

Bill Faeth Limo University Founder 

Fireside Chat with Sam Mallikarjunan

“Institutional Inertia: A business in motion will stay in motion unless acted upon by bankruptcy.”

Sam makes complex digital marketing strategies and theories easy to understand for the average person. He exposes fascinating insights into ride-share companies like Uber and Lyft. Learn why owning a small company gives you the most freedom and potential to change.

Sam Mallikarjunan CMO,

Fireside Chat with Scott Rouse

"There are a couple things people will do when they are not sure what they are talking about, and it’s different from when someone is being deceptive to you.”

Learn how to read the body language of your employees, potential hires, and most importantly, your prospects so that you can close more deals.

Scott Rouse Body Language Expert

Fireside Chat with Dave Delaney

“Use ‘Yes AND’, which is to accept opportunities. You say ‘YES’ and accept it, and then you say ‘AND’, and build off of the idea. It doesn’t mean you have to accept everything - that’s crazy - but use it to at least accept the opportunity before you shut someone down.”

Learn the Master Communicator's Secret Weapon, a sure way to improve communication and listening amongst your staff and clients. Not only will it result in a happier workplace, but it will translate into overjoyed customers.

Dave Delaney Communication Connoisseur

Fireside Chat with Tod Roadarmel

“If it’s a larger hotel, my first step (to selling luxury ground transportation) would be to visit with the Director of Convention Services. The reason I say that is because that’s where most of our transfers come from.”

Tod gives you the inside scoop on how to build relationships with the elite hotels in your area and become their premier luxury transportation provider.

Tod Roadarmel Omni Hotel Director of Sales & Marketing

Fireside Chat with Sally Hendrick

“People get into targeting thinking they can search whoever their audience is going to be and they feel pretty comfortable doing that. Then, they put the content out there that sends the people right into sales mode and that is not what social media is about.”

Learn how to get optimal exposure for your advertisements on Facebook, as well as how to format and budget your ads.

Sally Hendrick Social Media Expert 

PAX Chauffeur Training Workshop

“Losing and replacing one chauffeur costs $6,000 to $10,000.”

Learn why your customers aren’t the only ones who should be kept happy. Bruce discusses the importance of improving your company culture in order to create a high-performance workplace.

Bruce Heinrich PAX Chauffeur Training

DOT Compliance Workshop

“There are two reasons to talk about your public information: your clients can see it and your competitors can see it.”

Limo & Bus Compliance aims to educate operators on the best ways to prevent common violations.

Joe Guinn & Chris Przybylski Limo and Bus Compliance

Google Ads Workshop

“In a perfect world, you would be sending everyone who is looking for a particular service or vehicle to a page that is tailored to that search.”

Mark teaches you how to be successful and diligent in your pay-per-click campaigns, saving you both time and money while driving tangible results and ultimately... profit. 

Mark Petree Google Ads Expert, Clix Profit


Video Testimonials

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What Will I Learn?

Corporate Communication Best Practices It’s time to stop letting simple communication hiccups get in the way of your next corporate account.  

How To Decrease Your Cost Per Client Acquisition Using Google Ads It’s time to start leveraging the most profitable form of online advertising and get your phone ringing off the hook.  

How To Examine Your Prospects’ Body Language To Determine What They’re Thinking Imagine if you could always stay one step ahead of the person in front of you and in result, close more deals.  

How To Get Your Foot In The Door When Trying To Win Hotel Business There’s no better way to win big hotel business than taking advice from the Omni Hotel Director of Sales & Marketing.  

The Truth About Social Media Marketing Broaden your horizons and expand your clientele with the use of simple social media and advertising tactics taught by an expert with proven results.  

What The Ground Transportation Industry Will Look Like 5 Years From Now Have a plan for what’s around the corner. No one has a better grasp on where this industry is heading than Scott Solombrino and Sara Richardson. Listen to what they advise small to medium size operators not to do.  

How To Properly Qualify Your Prospects To Free Up Time And Increase Your Availability For Revenue-Generating Activities It’s remarkable what someone’s life looks like who devotes time everyday to specific revenue generating activities.  

How To Leverage A Small Business For Quick Change Towards The Right Direction It’s never obvious what the next step should be… Listening to Sam Mallikarjunan will change your perspective on the digital world and what you can do to combat rideshare companies. 

Why Your Customers Aren’t The Only Ones Who Should Be Kept Happy What if your work-environment was a wonderful place to be for EVERYONE? Imagine the productivity and longevity that would come from it.

How To Prevent The Most Common DOT Violations No more surprises... Learn how to stay proactive and organized so you don’t have to watch your profits go down the drain due to silly fines. 

You are not alone...

We know this industry can take a lot out of you. It can seem impossible to get out from behind the wheel, or out of the office chair to actually work on your business. We get sucked into the day-to-day and often find ourselves feeling trapped… not growing. This event is the breakthrough you need to look at yourself and your business in a new light. Don’t be held back- take the steps to grow and thrive. Learn from the best in the industry and experts who can help you take your business to a new level. Get more time, make more money, and impact the lives of not only those you service, but also those who work for you. What are you waiting for? Invest in yourself, invest in your company. Have a breakthrough TODAY.


Why do our special guests give away such valuable information?

Reviews and comments like these are the reason that we do what we do. It’s why our special guests and workshop speakers spend hours of their valuable time flying to, prepping for, and speaking at our events. Because of new technology, things are changing in the luxury ground transportation industry- and together we can adapt and reach success.